3D Strippers is a new and exciting way to spice up your desktop! Our FREE software
allows you to have your choice of 650+ girls dancing for you as a screensaver or you
can always have her dance while you do your everyday tasks on the computer. Our
3D Stripper software is as real as it gets. Whether you prefer to have the same stripper
dancer every day wearing a new outfit, or you prefer to have a new stripper each day
our FREE software provides everything you need. As a bonus you get 3D screensavers!

A sample of the 650+ 3D strippers available in our software:




Enjoy all your girls in full screen thanks to the fully featured screensaver. Pick the stripper
of your choice from your collection, choose the decorum you want (strip bar, Caribbean
garden, or many others), select the special effects and let the sexy 3D strip show begin!

3D Strippers

3D Strippers




Looking for something more? How about two 3D strippers at once?

Desk Babes is a newly released screensaver which will allow you to have two 3D
strippers at once on your desktop. Direct the two strippers to do whatever you
desire! Hundreds of couples to choose from. Download Desk Babes for FREE!


3D Desk Babes

Download Desk Babes 3D Strippers



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